Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas table

As it is the first of December I feel its time to start decorating for Christmas. I have started with a small side table and I have gone for a not so traditional look, my inspiration was a Santa's workshop feel. I have used loads of things including my little robot collection, some old beautiful crockery taken from mum's , twigs, felt toys and some great stuff from good old Big W. I am very keen to decorate this year, as we haven't seemed to be anywhere permanent for the past 4 years. We always seem to be ending a lease and changing the country we live in. The last bit of Christmas decorating was a small silver tree sat on a cockroach infested fridge in a dodgy hostel in Hammersmith, aah good times. But now I have a little baby and feel she has to have her first Christmas in a decorated house, although she is only 4 months and will really have no idea. Here are some photos.

Here is a full shot of the Christmas table.

Here is the mini Christmas bunting I made. My motto is "waste not want not", I made it from all my off cuts of material. I always keep off cuts of anything, when I was working in pre-schools I remember taking coloured paper out of the bin asking why it was put there. In the end I made an off cut draw for me, we had the prettiest artwork thanks to me cutting out hearts and stars and other shapes.

Big W has some great stuff this year and really cheap. I loved these little Russian dolls for $3, and the mushroom decorations are also just so cute. I have everything sat on a Christmas mini quilt my mum made, and at the back is a knitted penguin she also made.

Instead of a Santa's sack, I have an old fashioned boot I made. Inside is a little Russian doll I also made.

I don't know why I haven't posted this before, but here is "the Dude" Lebowski. I made him a while a go, he has been on this table since we moved in so I kept him there for Christmas.
So happy decorating, I will have more to show when my tree is up. I am also working on a Gingerbread house, bet you cant guess what its made of?!
Em xx

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