Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why I have loved October

I haven't been very arty this much as I have been busy with Ruby's Aunties from the UK. It has been great this month having them here, but alas it went too fast and they have gone back home. We have had a great time with them and we will miss them around the house. But on the brighter side some of my favourite things came out this month, the new copy of "Frankie" and from Meet me at Mikes the follow up craft book "Sew la tea do". In the post came some great material I ordered from Funky Fabrix and Mum knitted a new cardigan for Ruby. And on the down side I have discovered ( a bit late) Ebay ....oh dear, lucky none of bids have won.
Oh and another good thing was tickets to Laneway, cant wait for that one.

My material purchases, cushions and things for Ruby will be made. And projects from Sew la tea do.

You just have to love them by the covers, but when you look inside and all the loveliness you would see why I couldn't wait to pick up my copies of them both.

I love handmade for Ruby, mum knitted her this beautiful cardigan and I made these super cute buttons to go with it. The background is a floor quilt mum also made for tummy time.
Em xx

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