Monday, August 2, 2010

My Favourite things

A few years ago I began buying colourful crockery, whilst in London I found more and more beautiful colourful kitchen ware. This is a collection of my colourful stuff in my kitchen, I love using all the bowls and cups to display my food because.... the first bite is with the eye.

I just love all the colours and they really brighten up my kitchen as it is a grey and white one. So I have them all on the bench so I can see them and it makes me happy. The cups and spoons are by rice which I have found you can buy from Lark, I could have bought so many more but as it turned out I came back to Oz and I had to send all of these back plus everything else

During my time off I have been busy with my felt sewing also. I have started doing some more cupcakes. This is one of them, I might try and make more to hopefully sell at at market.

A few years ago I bought a house with an ex, this beautiful Harlequin tea cup set was left in the house. As you can see they are beautiful and full of colour. I don't have the house or man (thank god) but I did keep this bits of loveliness.

I just love this plate, it is retro and my new favourite thing in my kitchen. Mum had it and it was from my Nana's house.

I have also been making some biscuits with my felt. Here are a few of them, I am a bit obbsessed with the felt at the moment. Watch this space for more Felty Goodness.
Em xxx
5 Days over due, will this baby ever be born???

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  1. Have you thought about doing your cakes, et al, in minature - for dollhouse lovers?


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