Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Room

I am so happy, we finally have done the Babies Room and I love it! Not only has it got the hand made touch, it also didn't cost too much either. The most expensive item in the room is the change table which my lovely mum got for us for only $109. Bargain and I can move it around the house and fold away when needed. Also it is black which I quite like also. Everything else was done up and bought for us at bargain prices.

So here is the finished room, its quite open and colourful. We did what we could with a rental home. The first thing we did was clean all the walls and it really made a huge difference.

I love bunting, so I made some with the off cuts from materials I used to make my little quilts and cute toys. Waste not, want not and it looks great. I also made some little birds, just because.

This was my first project when I came back to Oz from London. I went to Spotlight and bought these lovely materials. They all cost me about $40 and I made a quilt with matching cot bumpers. I didn't want it to be too baby like so they can grow with her as she gets older. The cot was given to us by my soon to be brother in law, cost him $50 and never been used.

I bought these frames from Made By White a while ago. I love them and got 2 sets of them, they just stick on the wall with blue tack. In them I put these lovely post cards from Belle & Boo. I had bought them at Paperchase in London for 75p each. I have seem bigger ones as prints for up to $95 each so I was happy I bought them when I did.

Here are some more birds in the bird house I had made.

I couldn't wait to decorate the top of the chest of draws with all these little bits and bobs. Some of them I have made and already had shown you. Other things are things I have been given and puppets I got when working with children. I love the speakers from Typo which were a bargain for $5 and I have put some music on the ipod which is calming music, mainly stuff I like that is calm and lovely Bon Ivor mainly.

I am so proud of my chair. It was my Nana's and has been sitting in my mums garage for ages. I bought $30 worth of this material and after lots of working out managed to cover it, and I am so happy with how it looks now. I had to add my old teddy with a Dragon my mum knitted.

This is a full picture of my chest of draws. Another bargain my dad was getting rid of it. A bit of a sand and paint and some new knobs, the draws lined. $50 to fix it up and it looks great in the room.
I am glad it is all done now as my due date is Today! No movement yet, our money is next Monday. Lets wait and see.
Bye xxx

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  1. How has no-one commented on this? What a gorgeous little room - and so much handmade goodness!


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