Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Been a While

I recently gained another year into my 30's, I feel ok about it really and know I cant turn back the clock so I may as well embrace it... I think I have. On the other hand I still haven't got my head around the fact I will be a mum in 4 weeks.
Looking back to last year my birthday was spent at Glastonbury, fun times but those days are gone and I cant be country hoping now. I cant imagine myself waddling about the fields at "pregnant lady speed" which is the speed I walk at now affectionately named by my man. I saw on the TV that a girl went to Glasto heavily pregnant this year, so much so that she went into labour at the festival, went and had the baby and came back! I wish I could do that but I am afraid I am just not hippy enough. I cant dry my feet after a shower let alone carry all the crap you need across a muddy field, So lady I salute you.
Here is what I have been making....

I made this cute birds house, and mum knitted this little owl.

I just love Ikea, I bought this material and made some cushions with it. I just love the designs they have and cant wait to go back and get more.

Felt Chocolates

I made a quilt for my new little one, and with the left over fabric I made this elephant.

I love owls and here is one I made for so much cheaper than the ones I find in the kiddy shops now.
Thats it for now xxx

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