Sunday, March 16, 2014

Music Cupboard

Many years ago I bought this old cupboard, I really loved it at the time and for a while I did use it for clothes. But then I traveled and it lived in a storage shed with my other furniture and then it lived at my Mum's until she told me to get rid of it. So it then lived in my garage as a storage cupboard until we moved, I then I had a great idea to utilise it in a practical way. My man Chris loves his music and our house houses many instruments and musical equipment. He would have to get it out, use it for a while then pack it away somewhere. So I decided the cupboard would be great to keep his things in the one place and out of reach of the girls.
 Here it is before I did anything to it.
 I gave the outside a clean but that was it.
 And here it is all done. I gave it a few coats of paint which brightened it up inside so it didn't seem claustrophobic or make him feel like he was sitting in a cupboard. I also put another shelf in to be like a desk.
 He has a pretty extensive CD collection which his parents shipped over from the UK. I went through and pulled out some of his favourites and I made some plastic sleeves to hang them in.

 It turned out to be the perfect size for his amp and effects peddle.
 The top shelf was then used to keep some of my craft things.
It turned out great and gets used often.
 And Ruby likes to do her "work" in there too.

I thought I would post this before we move next week. We have had Olive in our room, but we have decided she is getting her own room for a while. So the extra room in our new place will be for Olive and my craft things and Chris's music things will not have there own room. The kids are taking over, although I am looking forward to decorating Olives new room. When she is over teething and waking up heaps during the night the girls can go in together.

Now for some more packing

Em xx

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Barbie Clothes

I feel like a kid again, playing with Barbies with Ruby, brushing their hair and changing their clothes. We have quite a few now living at our house who get changed on a daily basis. Unfortunately some of the dresses don't cut it anymore, those thumbs have ripped the seams of many pretty dresses, and the sheer ones seem to just fall apart when you look at them.
So I remembered a post from a while ago from craftiness is not optional with this pattern. Its just a bit too easy and before I knew it Ruby's Barbies had some tasteful dresses which Ruby loves.
 I love this one, mainly the fabric. I would wear this dress I think.
 Actually, I would totally wear this one. This is the skirt pattern you can also find in the Barbie tutorials on her Blog too. I used some of my vintage sheet off cut for the skirt with a contrasting band.
 I cut up an old singlet to make this singlet.
 I am really happy with this one as I saved one of the dress that was falling apart.
 I unpicked the gold insert and sewed it onto the bodice and used some of the old dress for the straps. I also turned the bottom part of the dress into a skirt too. (not shown)
Hi ladies, I think they are looking far classier than before. They are fun to make and before you know it they have some great new outfits. I will be making more, plus they are heaps easier for Ruby to put on the Barbies.

Em xx

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Just before we moved into our new place we bought a new dinning table. I am in love, even Ruby knows to be careful with the table. I decided to make some placemats, but I didn't want them too big, just big enough for a plate and knife and fork.
The project took longer than usual as I wasn't convinced with my fabric choices, but I had cut them out and decided to just make them anyway. I like them now they are put together and they aren't too big and don't take up too much room. I have made 6 but I ran out of bias binding.

One thing I am glad of is that I rounded the corners. 

They look nice on my new table.
Here is my table, this was taken at Christmas which is why there are decorations in the background. It was funny buying the table as I haven't bought a big item of furniture since forever. It fits lots of people around it and I think my miss match of chairs go well with it too. I have to say it doesn't look this tidy all the time.

Em xx

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby Doll Basket

I love Dana's Blog Made, she always has some great sewing projects great for kids. A little while a go she made these sweet little Baby Doll baskets. I just thought they were very cute and would be great for my girl's and niece, so pay pal was at the ready to buy this pattern.
 For me the hardest part was the cutting out, mainly due to attending to children at the same time. Once it was all cut out it came together quite quick (might have been due to the fact I did it at night when the kiddo's slept).
 Spotlight had the floral fabric on sale and the spots looked cute for a contrast.
 I made the smallest one (it comes in 3 sizes), this was due to having lots of little dolls. I was very happy with the final result, and I am going to make one for my niece for her birthday.
Also Dana featured mine and other gorgeous ones on her Blog the other day which you can see here, it was my photo from Instagram.

All in all it's a great pattern and great little project that will be loved to bits.

Em xx

Friday, January 24, 2014

A few little bits of fun

Happy new year to all. Do anything nice? We didn't do anything, stayed here and just wished we were on a holiday. We were told we have to move again which was lovely ( please note the sarcasm). We were told 1 week after Olive was born we would have to move, then told the day after new years that we had to move. We are starting to think buying might be the way forward as we have totally had enough, we have only been here 4 months.
Right, lets think of nice things. I have taken a few photo's of things I made coming up to Christmas, I was pretty happy with them and may make more.
 I made these clips and bows for Ruby's little friend.
 These 2 are from Mollie Makes, I put festive bows on them and just sat them in the tree.
 These are my faves, I made the grey bunny first then the other 2 for gifts. I crocheted the cardigans to work out how to make little ones. I made a little one for my friends Blythe doll, but I'm not sure on the fit yet. No photo of that one, but my goodness it was fun searching the world of Blythe dolls.
 Saving money on buying flowers for my new table, I made pompoms and glued them on some sticks.
And this little deer, just because. This one also went on the tree.

I need to get snapping with the old camera and show some more of my crafty endeavours from the holidays. Now to start searching and packing..... major booooooo.

Em xxx

Friday, December 20, 2013

ABC Sampler

Paypal strikes again. It is just too quick and easy, and when it's for a PDF pattern, it's instant, and I can get going on a new project. This time the pattern was for the ABC Sampler. I have seen it about a few times and thought I would give it a go. Now when I say give it a go, I meant write my daughters names. I think it looks wonderful as the ABC, but I just didn't know if I would finish it. So I am just going to write the girls names, I did Ruby first just because I had a hoop for it, and the fabric.
 I found the instructions great and helpful as I don't do embroidery much. I sewed on some vintage button's to decorate it. I have started one for Olive, but it's gone on the back burner till the new year I think.
 It gets a little addictive and I had to finish each letter before I went to bed. I wanted to put it in a hoop as they look sweet in them.
And this is my little Jane Foster dog from Mollie Makes. I love her work and will eventually buy one of her Panda's, they are just too cute.

Em xx ♥♥

Thursday, December 12, 2013

241 Tote

One late night on Pinterest I found this picture below. I fell in love with it and found it was called the 241 Tote and it was from Noodlehead. With pay pal being so quick and easy, before I knew it I had bought it from here, and it was on my desktop and I went to bed.
I totally forgot about it until I found another equally gorgeous one made on my Pinterest feed.

I decided to use my most favourite fabric I have, I bought it years ago and have never touched it as I wanted the perfect project for it. I then used some pink and a black chevron and quickly made it. (When I say quickly in my mind it was quickly, in real time I cut out the fabric and interfacing when I had a chance and then sewed it together the next night)
I am so happy with it and love it.........until yesterday when little miss 3 drew on it with crayon! lets say I was less than amused.
I lined it with a spotty fabric which I love the colour of.
I have seen people decrease its size to 75% and make a smaller one for their kids, which I thought of doing until the crayon incident.
 All in all I think this is a great pattern and easy to make. I didn't bother with the zips as in the past when I have put them in bags I find I just never use them. I will defiantly be making another, or buying another one of her patterns. 
Thanks late night Pinterest.

Em xx

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